Every Project Starts with a Conversation

11th January 2022

Every project starts with a conversation. Before we discuss our fees, pick up a tape measure or even a pencil we’ll discuss your project. A brief telephone conversation will usually lead to our Architects sitting in your kitchen or your living room, touring your home or office and usually, over a cup of tea (lots of milk for me please) we’ll discuss your project, your idea (crazy or otherwise) or your dream and how we, as architects and designers, can help you achieve it. We’ll never charge you for that first meeting and we are always happy to offer free advice and help you make the right decisions.  

Over a couple of hours, you’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you, usually by the time we leave we’ll have talked about not only what you’d like to change but probably shared stories about our kids, shared hobbies or our favourite pubs and places in the Lake District. 

We’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t, what you love and what you don’t, what you need and what you don’t. Every project is different so when we put together a fee proposal, it’s your fee, tailored to you and your project. We don’t use standard fees because there are no standard projects. 

Once you’ve carefully considered and accepted our fee proposal, we will get to work; 

•    We’ll undertake a detailed architectural survey of your home of office or arranging for a detailed survey of the land where you intend to build which will result in a set of detailed existing drawings. 

•    Following our initial conversation, we will refine your requirements into a detailed architectural brief which will assist us in the design process. 

•    Using 3D models, drawings and sketches we will then produce a feasibility document showcasing several bespoke options. Our team take great pleasure in presenting these ideas to you after which you can take as much time as you need to consider the proposals and decide which option you would like to proceed with. 

•    We will refine your preferred option and proceed with the creation of a series of drawings and documentations necessary to secure planning permission. 

•    We will act on your behalf throughout the planning process, liaising with planning officers, dealing with any comments and if necessary, amending the drawings. We cannot guarantee an approval, but we will do everything we can to secure your planning permission on your behalf. 

•    If planning permission is granted, we will progress the technical design of your project to a level suitable to submit to Building Control and secure Building Regulations approval. 

It is at this point that a lot of our smaller clients choose to go it alone, working with a building contractor and managing the construction of their project themselves. As Architects our role doesn’t need to end there. We can continue to act on your behalf, developing the drawings and providing additional details so that the project can be competitively tendered with local building contractors; ensuring you get the best value for your money. Once the project is underway our Architects can administer a construction contract between you and your building contractor to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget to a high standard. Our full service offers piece of mind and control of your project from beginning to end to ensure your dream becomes a reality. 

As an Architect and an Associate Director at Manning Elliott Partnership my role is as varied as it is complex. I might be managing our team in the office, updating our website with exciting new projects, fielding phone calls and emails, dealing with queries from local authorities and clients or creating a new bespoke design for a client. As varied as the role of an Architect is, conversations with our team and our clients is my favourite part of my job, it’s where every job starts and ends.

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