International Women's Day - Women in Architecture

8th March 2022

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today is a poignant day. It is International Women’s Day. Globally, people will be recognising outstanding achievements of women, raising awareness and taking action against inequality that can be found in most industries, even today. This day initially came about in the early 1900s, when thousands of women marched in protest for voting rights and equal pay. Since then, it has become a global and inclusive event, welcoming all groups of people to participate. The aim is to encourage people to challenge stereotypes and inequality. 

Often excluded from architectural history and side-lined in the male dominated industry, women have begun to tackle the exclusion in the discourse around architecture, both in education and practice. This has been achieved by understanding and responding to the systemic oppression that caused this exclusion in the first place. 

Today, women are a dynamic and influential presence within the profession and it is important to reflect and celebrate this, whilst also supporting and encouraging future generations. Here at Manning Elliott, we aim to be inclusive of all people and are actively encouraging a more diverse workforce. 

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