Working as a Professional in the Lake District

1st April 2022

Ahead of starting a professional career, most people find themselves studying in a major town or city.  For many, the opportunities they find, leads them to pursue a professional career in that area, rather than returning home or looking at the other opportunities in more rural areas.

COVID gave me the opportunity to return home to the Lake District to complete my Masters in Architecture, whilst working at a local architecture practice. I found myself working on very different projects than you would expect to find within an inner city area, with a wider range of clients and project requirements. 

Working for a smaller sized general practice has enabled me to take on more responsibility quicker than you would be able to achieve at a larger practice. I have been able to get a good range of experience across all sectors, enabling a diverse workload. Each day is completely different, whether I am meeting a client to discuss their new house extension in a remote village or doing a survey of a Lake District farmhouse at the foot of Ullswater Lake. Not only am I enjoying the responsibility of driving these interesting projects forward, I am fully aware that my career is not limited by working outside of a city, in fact I think it is beneficial and definitely more rewarding.

As the restrictions COVID has imposed upon us has now come to an end, I have made the decision to continue working as a professional in the Lake District due to the benefits and opportunities that come with it. I have managed to achieve a good work life balance, being able to leave work and immediately be in an environment that is full of tranquillity, with friends and family close by. At the end of the day we all need to invest in our health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Living in and around the Lake District, there are plenty of opportunities for this.

With a demanding career, living here enables me to enjoy time off work by walking in the fells, swimming in the lakes and walking my dogs in the park. It therefore provides a great opportunity to be able to very easily find that work life balance whilst also being fully committed to my professional career. After a stressful day at work driving home through the Lake District is the perfect way to unwind, taking in the dramatic fells on the skyline. In your time off you can benefit from the stunning scenery, fun activities, and fantastic cultural heritage. Working in architecture, I find the same is true of many of the clients I work with, making for some very interesting and unique projects. 

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