Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) - 14th July 2022

14th July 2022

Manning Elliott embraces innovative technology in order to deliver projects that transform our client’s visions into reality, through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

There has been unprecedented technological advancements over the last decade and a colossal amount of data concerning the built environment. BIM is one of the most exciting developments to influence the design, construction and management of the built environment. We see it as a catalyst for positive change in the way buildings are designed, built and delivered on site for the client.

Many years ago the industry transitioned from two dimensional drawings on paper, to Computer Aided Design, but the end result was still the same – a drawing on a piece of paper. While three dimensional drawings have also been around for many years, BIM is another step forward. Using Autodesk’s Revit software, new buildings are effectively constructed inside the computer, allowing any potential problems to be ironed out long before any work starts on site.

BIM enables designers to create projects in a virtual and collaborative environment, enhancing client engagement and understanding through photorealistic renders and improving the coordination of project specialist input, which all contributes to delivering projects with greater accuracy and cost certainty.

Information is embedded into every piece of the model, and we can use that information to produce additional documents such as Window Schedules and Material Take-off’s.

Manning Elliott produced a BIM model for a new private hospital in Hatfield, the model allowed Mechanical & Electrical engineers to fully design and manufacture all parts of the ventilation system – to the correct size – before they arrived at the site.

We now carry out most new projects using Revit and we continue to successfully deliver a wide range of projects, facilitated by BIM.

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