Why Hire an Architect? - 18th July 2022

18th July 2022

Why Hire an Architect?

"A good architect actually pays for themselves - more than once. You will reap the reward and the building will be hugely better and deliver much better value for it." Kevin McCloud - Grand Designs

With the cost of living continuing to rise, many people, including those looking to develop a new home or extend their existing home or business, are interested in saving money and reducing the cost of the construction process as much as possible. At the outset, the cost of hiring an architect may seem like an unnecessary expense when there are other individuals who, at least on paper, may be able to provide a similar service. Here, one of our architects and Associate Director, Chris Staniowski, sets out some of the reasons why hiring a qualified architect is important and could mean the difference between a successful project and an expensive mistake.

1.    Professional Expertise
Good design is something that every architect strives to achieve for their client, and it is ultimately about making the most of light and space. Taking the time to be objective and impartial, and learn about how our clients use and move through their home or business, is an important step in creating architecture that responds to the current and future needs of our clients. We also try to empower our clients to make bold choices that they might not otherwise make and consider things they might not have thought of.  

In addition to our design skills, our expertise extends to all aspects of a project. We can demonstrate considerable commercial expertise, helping our clients to understand project costs from the outset and determining whether a project is financially viable. Our technical and environmental expertise extends beyond planning to the technical realisation of a project, through building regulation approval to construction and at all aspects of a project we can save our clients time and money.

2.    Contacts
Manning Elliott Architects have been in business for over 35 years – longer than any other local firm of architects. During that time, we have accrued a vast amount of experience, expertise and contacts of professionals and tradespersons at a local and national level. We can direct our clients to other professionals they might need to carry out their project, including tradespersons and main contractors, whilst also helping to negotiate a fair and accurate price.  

3.    Qualifications
We would always advise anyone undertaking a project of any size to check the qualifications of any professionals who you approach. There are many companies and individuals that provide similar services to that of an architect, but only fully qualified architects can use the title. ‘Architectural Designer’, ‘Architectural Consultant’ and ‘Architectural Technician’. Some may not have any qualifications at all, and as a result, may not hold appropriate levels of insurance or even an appropriate procedure for complaints should the worst happen. Anyone using the title architect is required by law to undergo significant training that lasts over seven years. We must prove that, in addition to excellent design skills, we are well-versed in building construction, architectural history, project management, contract law, health, and safety. It is generally accepted that Architects produce the best examples of architecture.

4.    Cost Vs Value
It is important to appreciate the difference between a service that is cheap and one that is valuable and when you are comparing costs, they are equal. By hiring an architect, you are buying an architect’s skills, their ingenuity and professional knowledge as well as most importantly, their time. A low-cost alternative from an unqualified designer, although tempting, could mean a poor quality and rushed service, resulting in lost opportunities for creative design, and leading to problems on-site that could easily cost thousands of pounds to rectify. Architects can reduce risk and raise the value of your home or business – it is after all a very valuable commodity so you should ensure it is in the best possible hands.

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