Crofton Workshops Transformation

Crofton Workshops Transformation


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What were once dilapidated outbuildings to the former Crofton Hall which was demolished in 1955, Crofton Workshops have been completely rebuilt and refurbished to create four bespoke, commercial, small business units.

The oldest parts of the outbuildings were built in 1660 and, with many of the stones still in good condition, it granted us the opportunity to retain some of the history and aesthetic qualities of the original buildings by reusing this stone around a new timber frame by @fleminghomes.  To allow this to happen reusable stones had to be identified and catalogued in an in-depth measured and photographic survey, which was undertaken by our Architect, Chris Staniowski, before the workshops were carefully and safely dismantled and the stone set aside for reuse by the main contractor. The existing stone walls were rebuilt in accordance with our survey and methodology and, where necessary, new dressed stone was introduced to complete the historic stone façade. To the rear of the building a new timber façade from @RusswoodUK provides a contemporary finish in contrast to the historic stone facades.

All four units are in use and have been designed for bespoke purposes by our team including Stephen Macaulay and Richard Forrester.  The companies include a luxury marshmallow manufacturing company @magmarshco , a children’s clothes designer/maker, @NickiBdungarees a non-profit art company and a photography company @WEALtd