First Project using Revit Software gets Planning Permission

First Project using Revit Software gets Planning Permission


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Over recent years the Manning Elliott design and technical team have been developing the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software within the office.  They have all completed an Autodesk approved course in the use of ‘Autodesk Revit Architecture’ and have been gradually introducing it to projects alongside using 2D methods.

Our project at Stonelea, an extension and alterations to a privately owned bungalow, is the first to be fully designed using Autodesk Revit Architecture. The software produces 3D models which can help clients to visualise the end result and therefore ensure that designs are meeting their expectations and requirements. The benefits of BIM are not just limited to design and construction, the models can be used to assess and improve the operational costs of our designs. Models we produce in Revit can be continually analysed and tested from very early stages by industry consultants to establish specific operational costs for example, accurate energy performance information. This information is of great value to the end user as operational expenditure represents the vast majority of a buildings overall cost.

Stonelea, which has been granted planning permission, will include an extension and a change in footprint and layout of the existing garage. The first floor level extension will provide two additional bedrooms and study/store room.  The ground floor level will accommodate a new staircase and revised kitchen/diner.  The alterations have been carefully considered to ensure that the scale and appearance of the building is balanced, of suitable scale and is in keeping with the surrounding architectural language.


Manning Elliott, Penrith, Cumbria