Adrian Manning: Director / Architect

A founding director of the company, Adrian studied Architecture in the late 1960s / 1970s at Manchester Polytechnic before relocating to Cumbria. Adrian loves the process of organising buildings so they work for the client, the location and the environment.  He has been successful in the design of a wide range of building types and disciplines; including licenced retail, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, interior design, healthcare buildings, commercial buildings and housing.   

Other interests

A family man, Adrian spends his free time with his wife Rosie and grand-daughter, and often enjoys weekends away in London and Manchester visiting his daughters and friends. He can often be seen in his local village walking his dog or visiting his village pub. He likes to travel and has spent time in recent years exploring Texas.    

Favourite Quotation

Early in Adrian’s career a previous employer taught him this; “Architecture may be an Art and it may be a Science but it’s always a Business”, and it is well worth remembering.