George Scott: Associate Director / Senior Technician

George is the longest serving staff member having started out in 1985 in a small office in Keswick. George’s Architectural experience goes back to 1973 which makes George indispensable, his knowledge and experience mean he is the go-to person when the rest of us get stuck. He is a chartered member of CIAT.

Other Interests

Georges main interest out of the office is cycling, especially old school road cycling on an Italian steel framed bike with Campagnolo group-set. He also has an interest in the natural world which centres around birdwatching, but would point out that he is not a twitcher.

Favourite Design

The quick release skewer was invented in 1927 by Italian racer Tullio Campagnolo. Frustrated when attempting to change gears during a race, which at the time required using different sides of the wheel. During a particular race the weather was so cold his hands were frozen and he was unable to remove the wheel.  He had been well-placed prior to the gear change but lost valuable time. This prompted Campagnolo to develop the quick release skewer which is still in use throughout the industry on many of today’s bicycles.