William Maxwell: Part I Architectural Assistant

William graduated from the University of Liverpool in July 2023. He is particularly interested in the use of new materials and technology in renovation and conservation of heritage buildings. The most recent project he completed at University was the design of a new Canadian Embassy for Berlin, which was a challenging brief and an unusual set of requirements that he enjoyed working to. The security considerations, as well as the diplomatic use of the building were especially intriguing to consider. William also has an interest in sustainable urban design, large housing developments in particular.

Other Interests:

In his spare time William enjoys spending time on Ennerdale Water in his rowboat or paddleboarding, and he also likes helping on his parents’ farm. In August 2023 William travelled round Central Europe by train, and he hopes to visit more new countries and try learning new languages in the future.

Favourite Building:

The Elbphilharmonie concert hall and hotel in Hamburg, by Swiss architects Herzog and DeMeuron, is William’s favourite recently completed building. He has enjoyed visiting it’s public viewing pavilion on two occasions, and the cleanly executed connection of the glass upper part to the heritage red brick warehouse underneath is what he likes most about the design. The uninterrupted views of the building from the river, and its distinctive wave-form roof have helped establish the Elbphilharmonie as a new symbol of Hamburg. The painstaking research and engineering used in the design of the concert hall ensures that the technology of the architecture is dedicated to the positive experience of the concert-goer.